I've already seen and read the first part which is named The Fellowship of the Ring and think that in both cases the second part is better than the first one. In fact, the first movie was much too long with too much inactivity. There are only descriptions of the journey with too few attacks while the second part is more a motion movie, it tells the beginning of the war between the evil and the good. On the one hand, I really recognized every character just like they were in the book, but on the other hand, the movie's director has cut too many part and added important elements. For example, Aragorn never falls in love with Arwen (a woman elf) in the first two books but that happens in the first movie. To follow the real story, the director has imagined a nebulous story of elf immortality that makes impossible love between elves and human... I was very sad to see that.

I was particularly glad and bluffed by Gollum. It's a special character of the book who is schizophrenic. By schizophrenic, I mean that he can speak to him and moreover he has two names: Gollum, the bad guy, and Smeagol, the pleasant one. When he speaks of him he doesn't say "I" or "me", he speak in the third person as if it wasn't him. I think he was the most difficult character to make. He has been made with computer generated images but he really seems so alive! To me that character is the greatest element of that movie.

Finally, I don't really like this movie. I think it's a nice one but not the greatest I've ever seen. What ever you do, books are always better than movies and that's one more time true.